Fiction: 'Beast'

And so it is 

the long journey comes to its end


The final scene, the curtain, and then 

I cease to be


Eating me whole from inside

It grows and it shreds

traveling my veins like forest roads


An invader, yet my own, an army 

built for conquest


My castle falling 

rotted from conspiracy


For my home, I yearn

where on the ceiling there are stars

Her next to me 

my queen 

our hands holding tight


But it’s not right, her smile 

or her mouth or her eyes


The gates have all fallen 

the swords now all drawn


My mother has gone 

and my brother and father

They said goodbye 

and so with me 

my love is alone


I step from the throne 

the king abdicates


I look at her lips 


I breathe 


and am no more



Matthew Herring


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    Mike Fusco (Saturday, 24 March 2018 22:26)

    "Ghost in the Rearview"

    Looking back in the rearview mirror
    Driving down these local residential streets
    I visualize memories that are flooding in my mind of the past
    Flashing before my eyes, like a ghost in the corner of my eyes
    Shadows of us in this expect place, watching exactly what we once did here
    Nostalgia flutters through my mind, like a crashing wave in a hurricane
    The faster I press the peel, the more these memories become a blur
    Stuck in yesterdays mistakes, filled with remorse regrets and what could have been?
    The wind from the open car window starts to overpower the radio

    Run around and paint this town, move on from the past
    Make everything of yourself, run in a thunderstorm, and jump from the sky
    Express your feelings, write a song and sing along
    Scream out loud with all you have left inside, do it for all the lost broken hopeless hearts
    Not every love story has a sense of lost promise
    Inspiration, passion, love and hope will prevail the faults
    Why couldn’t you find that in me?
    What am I suppose to think?
    Living in relationship of resentment and insecurities

    My adrenaline is rushing through my veins, the pressure causing my heart to start to fracture, like a shattering mirror about to burst
    Blasting like tomato in the blender, I can feel the swelling in my throat

    Why is it that when you know something isn’t right, your suffering worsens?
    The emptiness of this damaged heart barely beats but with pain

    And they say a heartache is the worst kind of pain…