COCO Quick Cut Review

Coco is another triumph for Pixar, a company that has raised the art of the animated film to new heights with almost every film (almost – we’re looking at you Cars 2 and The Little Dinosaur). A celebration of life set against the Mexican holiday The Day of The Dead, Coco follows Miguel, a little boy in love with music, and his journey to be an individual in a very family-centered existence.  A classic hero’s journey, it is bursting with vibrant color and drop-dropping wonder. The animation is simply breathtaking – Coco herself, as an old lady, is an amazing example, as are the lush vistas that make up the land of the dead, with hidden skulls replacing Disney’s hidden Mickeys. When you look from the original Toy Story to Coco, the leaps in the craft are astonishing. When dreck like The Emoji Movie and Boss Baby are dotting theaters, it’s always great to know that the next Pixar film is never too far away. 

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