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Movie Reviews · 05. May 2019
A look at the classic noir film, one of the best movies ever made.

Movie Reviews · 05. January 2019
'Roma' is beautiful, and will absolutely be recognized this award season. The fact that it is streaming into everyone's house on Netflix right now is a wonder, and this is a film everyone should take in.

Movie Reviews · 27. October 2018
'Venom' is an embarrassment, a reminder of the days when comic book properties were given bad budgets and bad directors with no expectations of making good movies.

Movie Reviews · 27. October 2018
'First Man' is best when capturing the drama and power of space flight and exploration, and weakest in the quiet moments between.

Movie Reviews · 26. October 2018
'Halloween' is as good as a 40-years-later sequel has any right to be, and it is plenty good enough. This one ups the violence, ups the surprises, and ups the examination of the effects trauma can have on people's lives.

Movie Reviews · 08. October 2018
Bradley Cooper has crafted a soaring, emotional film that is a slam-dunk for a Best Picture nomination, nominations for both the lead actors, and a stepping stone into a top-tier directing career. Stars are born, indeed.

Movie Reviews · 14. September 2018
An uneven mishmash of 'Gone Girl' and 'Bad Moms,' featuring strong turns by Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick but marred by a terrible script.

Movie Reviews · 23. July 2018
'The Equalizer 2' is just about the dumbest "high-brow" action movie I've seen in quite some time.

Movie Reviews · 25. May 2018
It's fun, it's messy, but it's ultimately a disappointing ride.

Movie Reviews · 21. February 2018
Yup. A top-tier entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more important culturally than ground-breaking artistically.

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