Books · 24. October 2019
Foot on the pedal / Never ever false metal / Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle

Books · 22. October 2018
Kerouac used jazz, the new, free-form medium through which youth was expressing itself, as his entree into this world, and the writing style and young, carefree characters were his own literary jazz riffs. Like jazz, this is a sometimes sloppy and uncomfortable experiment.

Books · 20. October 2018
Joseph Conrad’s seminal 1899 work Heart of Darkness, the tale of Marlow and the mysterious Kurtz, is stark in how it treats the females in the story. This is no mistake or oversight by the author.

Books · 14. October 2018
Marxist theory, the belief, in part, that achieving and retaining economic power is the sinister motive behind all behavior, is a strong component of Joseph Conrad’s 1899 work Heart of Darkness (adapted later into film as a Vietnam war tale in Francis Ford Coppola's classic Apocalypse Now).