Building an Empire: How STAR WARS Changed the Movies
Features · 03. July 2020
"Star Wars" is everywhere. How exactly did that happen?

Features · 23. December 2019
These are the stone-cold locks for my favorites movies of the past decade (unless I see something else I like better).

Features · 02. January 2019
2018 was a great year for movies, with the big studios and the streaming services battling for supremacy. Here's how it shook out.

Features · 24. November 2018
What are my favorite movies from each year this century? Let's dig in.

Features · 27. October 2018
Now that the holiday (Oscar-bait) film season is upon us, were do we stand so far?

Features · 20. October 2018
Movie posters are like the pictures on a restaurant menu. They entice, tell you just a little bit about what you're about to experience, and, if they're bad, can turn you off completely. Posters can also be works of art - too often now, studios go cheap with Photoshop and misplaced (and sized) pictures of the stars plastered over a generic background. When posters are done right, though, they really capture the magic of the movies and make you feel like a little kid again.

Features · 10. October 2018
This Halloween season, ‘Frightful Flickers’ will be revisiting horror staples of the past, some classics (and some not-so-classic). The first film we’re discussing is Phantasm, the popular saga of a boy, a funeral parlor, shiny balls, and monster jawas.

Features · 25. March 2018
A walk down memory lane - here are my favorite movies of 2016.

Features · 07. December 2017
A week from today, Episode VIII rolls into theaters! Let's chat - what is going to happen to Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo? Who is Snoke, and where did he come from? Let's start a thread up until release!