Is Quentin Tarantino writing and directing the next STAR TREK film?

Multiple sources are reporting that Quentin Tarantino, film god, is working with J.J. Abrams and Paramount to write and direct an R-rated 'Star Trek' film. Following the success of the similarly rated 'Logan' and 'Deadpool,' studios are seemingly becoming more comfortable with more adult genre fare, but this one would take the cake. It appears that Tarantino approached Abrams, the executive producer of the new 'Trek' films, and pitched his idea. Abrams and Paramount loved it, and put a writers room together to develop the idea. 


'Star Trek Beyond,' the last film in the franchise, was a critical hit but did significantly less at the box office than did its two predecessors. Abrams was planning on directing the fourth picture, which would have featured a return of Chris Hemsworth's George Kirk in a time traveling adventure. Abrams, though, stepped aside from directing to take up 'Star Wars Episode IX,' so there is the director's chair needs someone to sit in it. My assumption is that the George Kirk storyline may be dropped, because Tarantino has an idea and, well, he's Quentin Fucking Tarantino, and you let him write your movie.

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    Matt H (Friday, 08 December 2017 12:20)

    Patrick Stewart would love to come back for Tarantino.