Favorite Films of the 2000s

The way we experience film has changed drastically in the last 18 years. Theaters are becoming fancier, with heated (and cooled) recliners, alcohol service, and more food items than you could possibly consume. No longer do we make the trek to Blockbuster Video to rent a movie, we either order the Blu-Ray from Amazon or stream it directly to our homes. Hell, with 4K and HD technology, it looks better on our TV than it ever did in the theater, anyway. 


Still, there is a majesty to watching movies on 3-story high screens while being immersed in full theater sound, surrounded by hundreds of people sharing the same experience, which is why the cinema will never die out. What's better than laughing or screaming as an audience, and looking around to see everyone else's reaction?


Here are the movies that caused that reaction for me this century. These are my favorites from every year since 2000.

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