Fiction · 18. November 2018
The carton stood open, its maw intimidating and ridiculous. Cardboard, remnants of tape from previous travels, layers coming apart a little and fanning the ridges inside.

Fiction · 11. November 2018
It seemed like we walked forever, but not long enough, as I stole looks and got the same from her sparkling dark eyes.

Fiction · 25. March 2018
The cold makes them shake, the boys squatting at his door Breath curling up like ghosts in the night screaming, calling to the heavens for help

Fiction · 21. February 2018
And so it is the long journey comes to its end

Fiction · 12. January 2018
Head was cocked to the side, nearly to the shoulder face resting, he looked out the window at the people who were walking on the ceiling

Fiction · 30. November 2017
There is nothing there, it’s hollow and stark and no one can understand how this has happened...

Fiction · 28. November 2017
I live on a nice street, at least I like to think so. “It’s one of those left from the ‘50s,” my Dad says, tree-lined and pleasant. The houses sit back a little ways from the road, leaving room for grass and shrubs and gazing balls and all the other crap that bored people obsess over. I don’t worry about any of those things, and neither does my Dad. We have other things to fill our lives with, important things...
Fiction · 22. November 2017
A thin sheet was all that covered Robert, and, for the most part, even that had been cast aside. Sometime during her sleep, Rene had kicked the covers away entirely, and, as she lay uncovered, her breasts rose evenly, peacefully – her quiet breath fluttering from her lips. Her blonde hair was splashed across the silk pillows, platinum-white in the darkness...
Fiction · 22. November 2017
The bus was sitting there, dirty windows, scratched paint, and black exhaust, the driver impatient and laying on the horn. Kelly couldn’t believe the time had come already, and turned to Casey, her best friend since they had shared the small seat in the back of another bus, in first grade, in another life. They smiled weak smiles and were suddenly uncomfortable with each other for the first time...